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The Reformed Arsenal

It is our firm belief that if you think true thoughts about God, that your practice will fall in line. In addition, your emotions and passions should follow suit. This is the very heart of sanctification, and theology has a central role in that process.

The Reformed Arsenal is a committed to serving the Church by providing thoughtful, relevant, and edifying theological content.


TurretinFan is: Reformed Apologist | Male | Adult | Bible-Believing | 5 Solas | 5 Petals on my Tulip | Ecclesiastically Presbyterian | not Federal Visionist | Optimistic in my eschatology, but not dogmatic | Opposed to the errors of Rome | Opposed to the errors of Pelagius | Trinitarian | In favor of Christian liberty | Otherwise Anonymous


DatPostmil is a Reformed, Calvinistic podcast and blog that seeks to provide resources for the body to uplift and encourage. On the show and on the blog they discuss current events as well as historic beliefs from a calvinistic, postmillennial, presuppositional, covenantal, and theonomic perspective. Though the hosts and bloggers are theonomic, most of the content on this site will be beneficial for any reformed believer.

Reconstructionist Radio

Reconstructionist Radio was created out of a desire to spread the hundreds of books of authors such as Gary North, Greg Bahnson, Gary DeMar, David Chilton, Kenneth L Gentry, and Ray Sutton to the next generation of Christians. These resources have been of great help to the body of Christ and His Kingdom. This is a group of volunteer narrators that produce free audio books and are available for free, just as the actual books are available for free on pdf. None of them are professionals, and none are paid, but they all seek to glorify God and see the Kingdom of our great King Jesus Christ advance on earth as it is in heaven. They hope these audio resources are a blessing to all who listen.

New City Times

The Premier Source of Commentary on News, Politics, and Culture
The premise is simple: We are the trusted source of commentary on all that’s happening in your world. Seasoned writers will be writing on topics ranging from Politics to Culture to Family.

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