The Collective Cast


The Collective Cast is the official podcast of The Reformed Collective where founders Josh Sommer and Jason Hinrichs talk about Reformed writing, podcasting, culture, and just about anything they want.

Josh and Jason bring on special guests, authors, and artists to discuss Calvinist co-ops, political pandering, musical maestros, blogging Baptists, Presbyterian pot-providences, and much more.

Jason Hinrichs

Jason is a student, member of The Village Church – Fort Worth, and Head of Media at a non-profit Christian organization. Jason also regularly contributes to several libertarian-based sites.

Josh Sommer

Josh co-founded Grace Bible Church’s evangelism ministry in San Diego, CA, and is currently pursuing a B.A. and Master of Divinity at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Divine Simplicity
  • Taxation is Theft with Liberty Laura Meyers
  • Kneeling and Village Multisites
  • Calvinist Movie Review
  • Against New Covenant Theology w/ Jim Renihan
  • Covenant of Grace
  • Covenant of Redemption with Tony Arsenal
  • Covenant of Works with Les Lanphere
  • Intro to Covenant Theology with Matt Butts
  • The Debate with Ty Wilson
  • 1689: Of the State of Man After Death
  • Ministry, Vodka, and Portland
  • Political & Theological "Liberalism"
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Wrong
  • Soteriology 101 with Leighton Flowers
  • #EndAbortionNow with Jeff Durbin
  • Hank Seismograff
  • Polity with Austin Reed
  • Holy Seasons and Pulpit & Pen
  • Desert Monks or Something
  • Bestest Fellas with Stephen Altrogge
  • Eldership with Jimmy Fowler
  • Your Best Prayer Life Now
  • Village Waterslides & Fresh RPW
  • Movies Fo(u)r Brothers
  • Exclusive Psalmody as Worship with Christian Herring
  • Reformed Piety with R. Scott Clark
  • 2016 Presidential Election
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