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1689 London Baptist Confession

All Baptists of The Reformed Collective hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. While full subscription is not required, all content produced by the writers is in line with the standards.

Lean not on Your Own Understanding of Money

Proverbs 3:5-6 might be the most scribbled-on-greeting-cards verse in the Bible. The danger with familiarity, though, is that it can bring complacency. The more that we hear something the more we can be in danger of letting it flow in one ear and out the other....

Lessons of a Newly Married Man

Being Married Reveals Selfishness I’ve been married almost two years now, and I can say that being a husband has  overwhelmingly shown me how selfish I am, and how easy it is to damage my wife.  In trying to minister to her and love her, I would be too stern or...

Your church music is incomplete if…

Everyone has an opinion on the topic of Church music. Should we have loud music or quiet music? Should there be lights and fog? Should we use hymns, psalms, or modern songs? What instruments should we use? The reality is that great Christians will answer these...

How to Deal with Death

I was at work the other day when my wife texted me. It had been a normal day up until that point. When I read the message, I was taken aback. Someone I had known had just tragically died at a very young age. Even though we were only acquaintances, I was still...

Generous Giving and Tithing: 4 reasons to give

There are few things make us tense up like giving or reading the Bible’s commands about money and wealth. We struggle to believe that generous giving is obedient, missional, evangelistic, and good for us. Generous giving is obedient Each one must give as he has...

How to Start Reading Your Bible Again

Everybody comes to this point in their life (probably multiple times). You find yourself in the middle of a dry desert. It’s been a long time since you prayed on your own, read God’s Word on your own, or found yourself in awe of God after reading about him in his...

Why Is America So Divided?

These days, people are rather predictable. Insert the scandal of the day and opposing sides will form quickly. Rather than just differing on opinion, the sides will get harshly divided. Whether it’s kneeling during an anthem, tax cuts, or a potential abuse of...

Love is not easily angered or triggered

Everyone is mad now, seemingly all the time. If you go to any social media outlet you will find plenty of outrage. Plenty of people being “triggered.” It’s evidence of one of our favorite sins, anger. There is one verse that seems to convict me more and more everytime...

David Appelt

David serves as our Social Media Manager. He is the Creative Arts Director at NewLife Community Church in Canal Winchester, Ohio and graduated from Capital University with an emphasis on Music Ministry.

Curt Arend

Curt has been a minister of the Gospel for 16 years. He planted Grace Bible Church San Diego, a Reformed Baptist church, 10 years ago and continues to serve as pastor there. A slave of Christ for over 25 years, married for 20 to his beloved wife, and they have five children. Curt is passionate about preaching the Gospel, pastoral theology, leadership training around the world, and everything Spurgeon.

Taylor DeSoto

Taylor serves as our head editor. He is a lay elder of Agros Church in Gilbert, AZ, and is a proud husband, father of one on the way, and servant of Christ.

Jason Hinrichs

Jason co-founded The Reformed Collective with Josh Sommer in January of 2016. He is a photographer, member of The Village Church – Fort Worth, and Head of Media at a non-profit Christian organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Jason also regularly contributes to several libertarian-based sites.

Kenny Hilliard, III

Kenny  has a BA in Christian studies from NGU, M.Div from SEBTS, and is a PHD candidate in Old Testament at SEBTS. He is also Old Testament editor for the journal Inservitus, and contributor to the Lexham Bible Dictionary. Father of three, and husband to a woman he does not deserve.

Konrad Holden

Konrad is a student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a BA in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity degree. He is passionate about pastoral ministry, poetry, and his wife Ashley.

Josh Sommer

Josh co-founded The Reformed Collective with Jason Hinrichs in January of 2016. He also co-founded Grace Bible Church’s evangelism ministry in San Diego, CA. At present he is pursuing a B.A. in Biblical Studies as well as a Master of Divinity at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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