Get the latest update about what is going around your city

Get the latest update about what is going around your city

In this fast-moving world, we find it very difficult to pick up daily newspapers and read about what happened yesterday and how is the world around us changing. But it is equally essential to get the daily updates to keep pace with time. To ensure you miss out on nothing, we have got your problem sorted; follow our daily dose of local news and local updates at


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Discover the hottest updates of the town, from crime sheets to the tinsel town gossip, all at one click. Find out daily traffic updates and read about politics, science, sports, newsletter, events, and business news. Read out the daily blog section from the hands of some eminent writers and bloggers. Discover what is in favor today with our daily horoscope, and learn about a new vocabulary every day in our word of the day column. 


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Now we are available in 20 languages to make your reading easy so that you can read it out loud. Our all-new website feature makes it mobile-friendly. Subscribe to our news update for one month, three months, and 12 months. Pay for our annual subscription and earn points to claim your next payment. Participate in an online blogging competition and get a chance to showcase your writing talent on our website. Give voice to your words and get featured on our page.

We bring you the best, sorted, and most entertaining news from around the city, 24×7 and don’t miss a beat. Read it on

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