On this episode of the #CollectiveCast, the duo is back at it. Very little games this time, other than a good fourth wall break from Jason.

This week, Josh and Jason give a bird’s eye view of this whole Divine Simplicity controversy going on. Hint: it shouldn’t be a controversy, go read your creeds and confessions. John Frame 0, James Dolezal more than 1 because this is an important topic.

Lots of resources below for this deep topic.



Divine Simplicity and Its Modern Detractors and Divine Simplicity and the Grammar of Classical Christian Orthodoxy messages by Dr. James Dolezal

All That Is In God and God Without Parts books by Dr. James Dolezal


Scholasticism for Evangelicals, the John Frame article that started it all

Response to Frame’s Criticism by Jordan Cooper

Reviewing Frame’s Review by Mark Jones

Still Opposing EFS by Tony Arsenal

Divine Simplicity in Scripture by Josh Sommer

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