Sabbath Day Delight – A Poem

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Konrad Holden


This poem is an attempt at expressing my feelings and thoughts when I am overwhelmed each Sunday by the grace bestowed upon us in the fourth commandment. My hope is that this poem might make your heart rattle with joy each Lord’s Day til we reach that glorious, eternal sabbath in the life to come.

Six long days of muck and mire;

Filled with pain and death’s dark dread;

Scorched by licks from hell’s red fire;

Endless wand’ring without bed.

Six long days of worldly desires;

Bound by work’s inherent trod;

Up the steps of its tall spire;

Endless striving til we’re gone.

Then that day, his day, our rest;

And, for us, our week’s God-blessed;

Worldly cares, concerns—suppressed;

Free and void of working’s stress.

Happy day, Oh happy rest;

God takes burden off my chest;

Today, to him, his shall fly;

Once a week, until we die.

Then no end, celestial light;

Weeks and weeks of praise forthright;

Full display, Lord’s Day delight;

Constant joy, no end in sight.