Dear Brethren,

I trust you have known something of the abundance of God’s Mercies and unspeakable joy in hearing Christ preached each week. The public preaching of the Word of God from His ordained servants is a means our spiritual growth.

Sadly in our day, there is a famine for the word of God as the modern church has resorted to gimmicks, drama, and comedy in place of the plain preaching of God’s Holy Word (Amos 8:11). Rather than seeing scripture as profitable and the need to be equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17), people are largely ignorant of the bible and more importantly, the Christ of the Bible

Most reformed churches are committed to preaching Christ. Our home church is committed to making everything we do to be gospel centered and Christ centered.

Consider this excellent quote by Andrew Fuller. For those who don’t know, he was one of those who supported William Carry, who is referred to as “The father of modern Missions.” The Baptist Missionary Society was formed in the 1790’s by these men along with Sutcliff and Ryland who were other Reformed Baptist Ministers in England.

Think and meditate on the truth of what Fuller says,who though he be dead, yet speaks today.
“If you preach Christ, you need not fear for want of matter. His person and work are rich in fulness. Every Divine attribute is seen in him. All the types prefigure him. The prophecies point to him. Every truth bears relation to him. The law itself must be so explained and enforced as to lead to him. . . . The preaching of Christ will answer every end of preaching. This is the doctrine which God owns to conversion, to the leading of awakened sinners to peace, and to the comfort of true Christians. If the doctrine of the cross be no comfort to us, it is a sign we have no right to comfort. This doctrine is calculated to quicken the indolent, to draw forth every Christian grace, and to recover the backslider. This is the universal remedy for all the moral diseases of all mankind.” (Andrew Fuller)

Curt Arend has been a minister of the Gospel for 16 years. He planted Grace Bible Church San Diego (a Reformed Baptist church) 10 years ago and continues to serve as pastor there. A slave of Christ for over 25 years, married for 20 to his beloved wife, and they have five children. Curt is passionate about preaching the Gospel, pastoral theology, leadership training around the world, and everything Spurgeon.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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