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The "Perfect" Candidate

I grew up in a middle-class, Republican household from the midwest—Missouri to be exact. We always supported the Republican candidate almost dogmatically, without asking many questions except those which would be answered during the debates and other television “spam”. This isn’t to say that we were ignorant of the candidates or their policies, but we sure preferred Republicans over the Democrats. We supposed that traditional Christian and American values would be upheld if a Republican were elected. This is the idea many self-proclaimed Republicans, whom I have since talked with, have of right-wing candidates. This is their expectation of Republicans.

In fact, I was quite the little Republican. At only about 12 to 13 years of age, President George W. Bush was my political hero. I loved the military and I loved the fact that we were going to “beat the bad guys” [Islamic Terrorists] as it were. I supported, as a kid, Republican rule 100%. Looking back, considering what I didn’t know, and the fact that I was a little totally depraved sinner, I would have been a very dangerous voter.

All jokes aside—this seems to be the attitude of many Americans who support Donald Trump.

There are a few different factors which undergird the general support of Trump. Ultimately, it boils down to an incomplete version of a Christian worldview. Hopefully that will be seen in this post.

American Pragmatism

Many Americans want to see a change. As a matter of fact, we need to see a change. The historical values of our nation have been compromised throughout the duration of this current administration perhaps more so than during any other. (Indeed they have been compromised little by little throughout history) This current administration hasn’t really even pretended to uphold Biblical values. Actually, to the contrary; the leadership of this nation has taken a closed-fist swing toward the face of God. The degradation of marriage has been legalized, and even many professing Christians have been brainwashed by the media to believe that this is no big deal. Abortion is rampant and is being funded at the hands of the current President. So too, this atrocity has been largely forgotten or ignored by the majority of our “Christian” nation. Perhaps one of the most propagated issues of our day happens to be ISIS and the corresponding, large influx of Muslim immigrants within the United States. This has created an environment of unsure security, fear, and much anger. Americans want these issues to go away.

Enter the Donald…

Trump, playing off of the most popular political issues of the day, has promised national security to those who fear Islamic terrorism. He wants immigration to be halted until certain issues are addressed to provide a safer environment for Americans. Or so this is what he has said. Because of the “have it now” attitude of many Americans, that is—impatience—Trump is very popular. We have an “if it works, do it” mindset. Well, America, Trumps proposed solution “works”, at least in the broad sense, but it also leaves hanging many more important issues. There are many things we could do to make many different agendas “work” but, are those methods ethical? Most are not. Most often, good solutions are few, and bad solutions which manage to accomplish the ends through dirty means are plentiful, especially in our day.

Not only has Trump promised improvements, but he has apparently sided with the Christian population. He claims to be an avid, proud Presbyterian and has also promised to return America back to her “Christian roots”. What is even more amazing is that Donal Trump is morally perfect!

He said he has never needed to repent for anything! 

Why wouldn’t we want this guy as Commander in Chief?!

This is precisely the reason I absolutely will not vote for Trump.

Trump has essentially turned God’s Word and Christ’s Church into a circus. He is playing off of America’s gullible and vulnerable pragmatism. He knows there are things which many are dying to hear. He knows what those things are. He has cleverly created an antithetical avatar to Obama which is a great marketing strategy toward those who can’t stand the current administration [many, many Americans]. All politicians do this to some extent, but no politician, at least in the recent past, has done this nearly as boldly as Trump. To many of us, his foolishness is obvious. To many more, he is seen as a brilliant leader. There are a few things which Trump has pretended to know and support amongst the general public which has spurred support. It is a wonder how these things have gotten past so many citizens.

  1. Trump loves the Bible
    Trump has demonstrated time and time again that he has probably never seriously read or considered the Bible in his life. He has been asked for his favorite Bible verse in an interview on Bloomberg and was unable to give an answer. Instead he replied, “I wouldn’t want to get into it… I don’t want to get into specifics.” What regenerate Christian, who believes that the Word of God is infallible truth, and that the Gospel is the power of God revealed unto Salvation, doesn’t want to talk about the Bible?! Scripture itself states:

    So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17)

    The only conclusion I can draw from this instance is that Trump has really never read Scripture. This is his first lie and his first attempt to persuade the Christian population of his commitment to Biblical principles. Do not be fooled here, this is nothing more than an insult to Christians across the nation.

  2. Trump is a PresbyterianTrump has further claimed that he is a Presbyterian. Now whether or not he is a Presbyterian involved with the PCUSA, the PCA, or the OPC, it doesn’t really matter at this point because in an interview during ‘Road to the White House’ on C-SPAN, he admits that he has never asked God for forgiveness. Well, all true Christians know about the total depravity of man, that is—man’s inherent sinfulness. A person cannot become adopted as a Child of God until sin is recognized as sin and until it is pardoned through belief and repentance in Christ who has died in our place, to take our deserved punishment for sin.

    Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out… (Acts 3:19)

    The only conclusion I draw from this is, again, another lie. Trump is not a believer in Jesus Christ in a saving sense; that’s impossible without God’s forgiveness which Trump claims he has no need of. He is merely playing off of the ignorance of Americans who profess to be Christians. In fact, it is heart-breaking to see so many support him as he virtually makes them look like fools.

Though there are many reasons given for the support of Trump, one thing is obviously true—he’s a liar who has absolutely no respect for the body of Christ. Many politicians are liars, even true Christians fall short in this area, but what has me most boggle-minded is the fact that Trump, notwithstanding the other candidates, receives staggering support from professing Christians merely because of the claims he makes. What does this say about the spiritual state of this nation? In order to support this guy a person would have to be ignorant of what a true Christian is. We need to actually start using our brains for once, as a nation.

To me, a Christian, Trump’s strategy is utterly repulsive. We ought to get away from the “whatever works” mentality and begin to think about, not only what works, but also what is supposed to work. How are these issues supposed to be handled? What method do we use in order to handle abortion, the degradation of marriage, and Islamic terrorism? How can a person, who clearly has no Biblical foundation, yet lies about that very fact, handle these things in a Biblical manner? I would rather vote for an admittedly nominal Christian than one who lies about being a Christian, yet has made it apparent that he is not.

These issues will not be handled correctly, to be sure, via any candidate we choose. I would venture to say that none of them have shown any evidence of having a truly Biblical worldview. So, there are two things Christians ought to consider:

  1. Do not expect a president in this running to be a true Christian. That would be absolutely naive and therefore expecting such things become problematic. We need to critically examine presidential candidates instead of looking for immediate solutions or pragmatic band-aids. If you vote for a candidate, do not vote for the person because they claim to be a Christian, (they probably aren’t) vote for them because they appear genuinely concerned about the political issues of our day.
  2. Do not expect Biblical solutions to political and moral issues. Even if the candidate professes to be a Christian, they are sinners and, nine times out of ten, will mess it up. In addition to that, consider the surrounding pressure to meet the goals or agendas of strong, domestic economic supporters, allies, and even enemies. It is not unlike the sinner, especially those not saved, to sway toward one side or the other, being tempted by every breeze of every differing direction. Vote, instead, for the candidate who you believe will act as close to Scriptural wisdom as possible. However, do not set it in your hear that this will actually materialize.The sign of true wisdom is being able to make wise choices amidst adverse conditions.

    I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and I find knowledge and discretion. (Proverbs 8:12)

    Finally, I truly hope Trump loses the election.

But, even more than this, I hope that God grants him true repentance. I pray that his pride is broken and shattered on the Rock of Christ. We ought to pray this for all leaders and candidates for leadership.


The Road to The White House, C-SPAN-Donald Trump
Bloomberg-Donald Trump

Co-founder, editor, and contributor of The Reformed Collective. He is a member and pastoral intern at Word of Life Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO. He has co-coordinated the evangelism ministry at Grace Bible Church in San Diego, CA. At present he is pursuing a B.A. in Biblical Studies as well as an M. Div. He currently resides in Overland Park, KS with his wife, Christina.

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