We exist to glorify God,
equip His Church,
and foster confessional unity
by providing distinct perspectives
from a Reformed point of view.


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The Collective Cast is the official podcast of The Reformed Collective. Josh Sommer and Jason Hinrichs, founders of TRC, talk about Reformed writing, podcasting, culture, and more.

The Team

The writers of TRC are required to hold to and write in accord with Reformed, confessional standards. Meet the editors and writers that make all of this possible.

Baptist Network

All Baptists of The Reformed Collective hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Paedobaptist Network

All Paedobaptists of The Reformed Collective hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Three Forms of Unity, or the Savoy Declaration.


We identify with the broad stream of Reformed thought as exemplified in such confessional standards as the Three Forms of Unity, Westminster Confession of Faith, Savoy Declaration, and 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.
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If you agree with the statement and have an existing blog (or would like to start one), feel free to apply for contribution with us.
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